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About Me


I founded Wishful Mammy due to my own journey, I am Leane, I have 1 little boy and two angel babies. Wishful mammy is all about making your wishes come true, whether it be for a calm and relaxed birth or a holistic approach to pregnancy.  


I'm a KGHypnobirthing practitioner, reflexologist, I'm  qualified in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, aromatherapy, Indian head and pregnancy massage, reflexology and 3 step rewind for birth trauma and phobias.


I'm passionate to give support, and help people to feel informed and empowered.  Whether this is before their pregnancy journey with fertility help, during their pregnancy or after.

I fully support a natural and holistic approach to fertility, pregnancy, having a calm labour and fearless birth.

I'm passionate to give women and their partners the knowledge and tools to have a calm relaxed birth, where baby comes naturally, when its ready. 


I specialise in anxious pregnancy, fertility support, and baby loss.  I would love to see you through your whole journey. Make your wishes come true.

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