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3 Step Rewind for Birth Trauma


35% of parents describe their birth as traumatic, 9% go on to have ptsd.


The 3 step rewind process is all about being able to still remember the event but responding in a different way.  The process entails reliving the event whilst in a safe and relaxed environment, together we look at the event in different ways, then rewind it so eventually you will see a future you in a better place, without the negative emotions.  All memories will still be there although you will be bale to recall them them without the negativity. The 3 step rewind is an excellent process which can be used for anything relating to birth or postnatal trauma , baby loss, ptsd and phobias affecting your everyday life. It allows us to work content free so that if you don't want to tell your story we can still work through the trauma.

You will be awake and in full control of your body at all times.  

There is increasing evidence that trauma is held in the body and manifests itself as many things physically later.

In most cases it is done over 2 (possibly 3) sessions, each session will last approximately just over one hour. I will record our first relaxation which you can take away with you to use preferably each night for the first week and it's yours to keep for future use at times when you feel anxious or stressed.

This is not a therapy, it is a tried and tested, simple and safe technique, leaving the memory there but without the anxious, panic, guilt, anger or sad emotions originally connected with the memory, allowing you to progress with your best life.

All we need is a safe and relaxed environment, meeting at your preferred private location.

40 euro per session 

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