My hypnobirthing course is an antenatal education, which gives parents and baby the best start in life.  You will understand the physiology of birth, gaining the confidence that your body will do what it's supposed to. I think the most beneficial part of hypnobirthing is knowing how to make informed decisions which will keep you calm in any situation.

Trained by kghypnobirthing, accredited by Royal College of Midwives.



The feet are a map of the body, as the reflexes on the feet are massaged, the corresponding parts of the body are either stimulated or pacified while at the same time tension is eased both physically and mentally.

Whatever disturbs the mind, disturbs the body and that shows in the feet, it is the bodies way of showing you something needs to be done.




I offer Swedish massage and pregnancy massage which are very healing for the mind and body, it can be used to treat physical pain and also for general wellbeing.


Benefits of massage

  • Boosts circulation

  • Warms tissues

  • Superficial and deeper layers of the skin are stimulated

  • Increases lymphatic flow (removing toxins)

  • Improved skin condition

  • Lactic acid is removed from muscle

  • relaxes tense and contracted muscles

  • Stimulates or soothes nerve endings

  • Reduces pain and fatigue

  • Reduction of pulse rate and blood pressure

  • Relaxing or invigoration for mind and body, relieving stress and depression, promoting stimulation of good endorphins

  • pregnancy massage helps to stop the build up of tension caused by extra weight

  •  good for fluid retention (common in pregnancy)

  • prevent or minimise stretchmarks

3 Step Rewind for Birth Trauma


The three step rewind birth trauma process can also be used for ptsd and phobia, it doesn't have to be birth related although this is what I specialise in, it can be used for any trauma which is affecting your every day life.  We can work content free so that if you don't want to talk about it you don't have to , as long as you can remember,  the memory is there for you!  Whether it is 3 month or 3 years previous we can still work through it together with a simple and affective process.  we will imagine coping in the future and responding in a different way.

It is a comfortable and effective way that can reduce and even remove traumatic symptoms through relaxation and guided imagery, releasing the negative emotions attached.